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The Ultimate Guide to Bettering Yourself

This bettering yourself is developing a consistency of holding your power. ✨

It's Habits. When you feel a little satisfaction the law of attraction will move quickly, it comes from one place and one place only moving in the direction that you desire!
Never do what you don't want to do! 😃 It's a vibration reality. You know what you want and when it's calling you and your moving in that direction and not doing the opposite. Maybe you meditate, make a list of it, waking up in a higher vibration doesn't matter. When you have no resistance to what's calling you you will receive that inspiration from your highest Self!
To others might seem like “ this person just believing in what they say”. And people say it's not fair  you receive things easily.
When you listen to your instincts when these thoughts turn into things, you will let the law of attraction of your decision.
. 😃 Just feel satisfied & bliss in aww with all things & you will get into the receiving mode!
The universe is beyond your physical reality.

" The Universe does this thing where it aligns you with people, things, and situations that match your vibration. The higher you're vibrating, the more you will attract things that are beneficial to your wellbeing. "

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