Hello August

To manifest a life full of love, energy, peace,  balance, and entrepreneurship. It's all about mind control. Plants and nature keep me balance knowing that the universe of all things takes time to grow. Just like life, we should be still and enjoy our human experience. It all begins and end in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it. 😊  don't let external factors to control your emotions; allow yourself to be in the present moment so you can analyze and see the beauty and magic that surrounds you. Why fashion plays a big part of my spiritual being?

”Look good, feel good is a cliché for a reason.”

clothes is how I express my soul's beauty. If you dress like the wonderful, attractive person you know you are, you show the world the side of you it needs to see.

Today's affirmation, I am mindful of what I think, what say, how I feel and I will always express my inner beauty

A positive, healthy sense of self-value and worth is the foundation of our happiness and success. when we know who we are and believe it, our greatest dreams are possible. when we doubt ourselves, questions are worth and undermine our self-value, our greatest victory will be worthless.

Affirmation "I am my greatest hero." That is really where it starts.

The best is yet to come. Call it #inner #Growth

FYI: It's my Birthday Month! 

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