26 Days Silent Meditation

Living in the present! 26 days of my silent meditation.  Nonverbal communication
( I speak only if its really needed)
Day 17; I am now understanding the power of thoughts, how it controls your happiness. 
The benefits of silent meditation teach you Patience this empowers you to deal with the feeling effectively instead of letting it rule you. Diligence you’ll reach a point where your mind will finally settle into a calm place of well-being and balance.) and  Mindfulness the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.) 
Being more silent teaches you to deepen your calm and enhance your clarity as well. You’ll find that the calm state of mind comes and goes; just like any other experience. Perseverance will teach you how to appreciate the moments of calmness as well as the moments of mental activity. 
Practicing being the last to speak. The skill to hold your opinions to yourself until everyone has spoken. it gives everybody else the feeling that they have been heard. It gives everyone else the ability to feel that they have contributed. You get the benefit of hearing what everybody else has to think before you render your opinion.  ( Practicing Sinek’s advice) 
Time management. Yes, time is so valuable. You would never re-live the same day twice so enjoy it. Be more present.  I hear this a lot, everyone is so busy ( which is true ) but ask yourself are you making time for the right things? Things that would elevate who you are? 
If we take 80% percent of our time doing what we love and what we were created to do and 20% percent for the other stuff we will appreciate our life journey a little. 
It takes time to be creative, so make time for that.
You learn how to stop whining. Asking people why, why you not doing this? Why that? How come? No more whining and criticizing.
Being silent/mindfulness means staying present in the moment.
If your living in the past, you are going to be depressed. Because you re-hashing things that happened to you that won’t happen again ( you live and you learn )
If you are living in the future, you are going to be anxious, because you are anticipating what is coming, you are wishing for the things that didn’t happen yet.
Being in the present moment is where you will have the greatest control. Stay in the present moment. Where you have full control over what you want. You will feel at
ease and where happiness flourish.
There's a super tight of connection between happiness in living in the present moment. Learn more -Martin Seligman  he studied happiness for decades
Fun fact; 40% percent of your happiness levels are preset by genetics
60% percent you are in complete control of! 
It doesn't matter what happened yesterday. Control your thoughts in it will shift your feelings.
How to be present? 
Be fully aware of every moment. when your eating savor it instead of drifting off into the future or into the past so much or what’s on the “To Do List”
Just stop and think about the food your eating, how it smells taste, savor the taste.
Think about the people who are sitting with you, how do they make you feel? 
And if you really want to be in the present moment. Tell that person exactly how you feel. Ummm that food was delicious, thank you so much etc…
The small simple acts of appreciation that's how you expand happiness inside the present moment. Don’t think about the future too much.
Stay in the present, make the right choices for you. Don't waste time, be consistent and get more sleep #lol 
Oh, 2018 you taught me a lot! for that I am grateful.  

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