Super Casual

 The wardrobe diary.  Living and working in a super-casual office, and you have a minimalist style? 

Two must-haves   “capsule wardrobe” approach to fast dressing, meaning none seasonal mini-wardrobe made up matchable pieces that can be added to your everyday fast lifestyle.  

The everyday capsule is aimed at being under 20 pieces, including shoes, accessories, casual to work or Nightlife wear.  Building an ongoing wardrobe takes time to accumulate, but you don’t have to rush style.

Having Minimal item’s Like a White T-shirt, Black Tee,  Losses fit or fitted. You can never go wrong owning a T-shirt and a good pair of Jeans. Highwaist straight fitted or flare jeans, which will be worn more than once all 4 seasons.  

Moving toward ethical fashion when you're building a wardrobe, which was not a priority when we started Fason De Viv company, but we transition over time.  Carrying Brands like 

( Threads 4 Thought is a leader in sustainable fashion knit and active apparel for men, women, and children. They create products from sustainable fabrics, produce them in ethical factories, package the products in renewable packaging and continue to innovate ) 

  We try to now feature brands that make efforts in sustainability and fair labor practices, which you can shop.  Any new brand tips are welcome!

 Start Building your everyday Capsules With two basic must-haves. 

Slim High-Wasit Jeans 

High-waist Jeans

Basic T-Shirt 

Plus Size High Raise Jeans 


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