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Zen Bamboo Shirt Short Set

Zen Bamboo Shirt Short Set

Pretty You London

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Bamboo Shirt Short Set


Zen shirt short set in Grey Marl will provide long-lasting comfort for any stay-at-home mama, independent lady, or couple looking for those ~boo-up vibes~. Luxury with no limits.

About this product

At your request, we're delighted to present a new combination in our best-selling bamboo viscose: the Shirt Short Pyjama set.

Tailored to a relaxed yet flattering shape, this set is completed with a luxurious satin bow and contrasting piping for a cute, feminine look.

To ensure a superior product, we have sourced our bamboo viscose from an ethically responsible, sustainable supplier. Beneficial for nightwear, it offers many desirable qualities: its smooth fibers are kind to the skin; its cross-section fibers provide great temperature control; and it is long-lasting and naturally antibacterial, even after multiple washes. Additionally, the bamboo tree grows quickly and can thrive without fertilisers or pesticides. Enjoy the freshness of bamboo and rest easy knowing the material will also ward off any odour-causing bacteria.


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