Help A Haitian

FDV Gives back: 11.17.16Help A Haitian

My name is Hanifah Samad, my mother & I were born and raised in Haiti. We are asking for donations due to the recent hurricane that has devastated our homeland. Not only did we lose relatives but over 1,000 Haitians lost their lives due to this natural disaster. Usually we would donate to Red Cross or other organizations, but this time we are more hands on. My mother and I are taking on the responsibility on going to Haiti to personally help out those in need. We plan on feeding and clothing as many as we can that were left with nothing after the hurricane. Our plan is to leave for Haiti in December, as of now we are in communication with family members organizing help with in the community. The goal is to fill up four 55 gallon drums with items that are needed (Items listed on flyer). Donating would not cause a dent for us compared to the lost this country has taken, and a start in the right direction. My company "Fason De Viv" "Help A Haitian" will need your help. Tell a friend to tell a friend. No donation is to small. Thank you in advance for your support! 

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