How to create a sacred space in your home

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Do you have a sacred space that's just for you? that brings you peace from the outside world?  We all need a space to call our own even if that space is just a cozy little corner in your room.

Let's talk about how you can make your own sacred space!  

Decide on space that is quiet and not too close to technology. Your space doesn't have to be large and can range from an entire room to a quiet corner. Overall just make sure you feel comfortable in the space.

Have Spiritual Tools Handy 

When you sit in your sacred space you want to make sure you have your favorite spiritual tools at your fingertips. Here are a few items to consider in your sacred space 

  • Journal
  • Meditation area add a Yoga mat or cozy blanket 
  •  Comfy floor pillow (if needed)  
  •  Meditation Timer or Meditation Music 

Cater to Your Senses

It's also helpful if your sacred space indulges your senses. This will help your brain to link your sacred space to easy relaxation. That way, as soon as you come into your sacred space and indulge your senses, your body and mind will automatically go into meditation mode. Here is a list of sensory items you should consider adding to your sacred space:

Add life to your space

live plants or flowers. this adds a grounding sense to your space and helps add vibrant energy to your space. also adding a positive affirmation can help motivate your inner soul to speak. 

" I am devoted to my soul's purpose and passion." 



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