3 Simple And Easy Style Tips For The Curvy Queens

Ah, the allure of curves. Some of us are blessed with it, while some continue to pray for more junk in the trunk. No matter which of these two categories you fall into, it may have come to your notice that finding plus-size clothing or clothes for curvy bodies is today easier than ever. With numerous brands breaking out of the stereotypical beauty mould with body-positive campaigns and policies, it seems like the curvy woman has never been more celebrated as now. However, in spite of that, curvy women still face some challenges in how they dress. To help you with that, we have listed a few styling tips that will help you play to your strengths and look your absolute best every day!


1. Say goodbye to oversized clothes

Curvy women often have the tendency to hide behind baggy clothes. But no one, we repeat, no one looks good in unflattering oversized clothes. The moment you put on a dress or a t-shirt that is a few sizes too big for you, you only add more volume to your frame. Instead of leaning towards shapeless, baggy silhouettes, choose clothes that fit you well and show off your gorgeous curves.

2. Flaunt your curves

You want your clothes to hug your body and flaunt your curves, not just hang off them. There are tons of stunning styles out there that are designed to complement curvaceous bodies. Dresses and tops with ruching details are the perfect example. You can also adopt styling tricks such as color-blocking and opting for lower necklines and high waists to create the illusion of curves even when you have a more squarish shape.

3. When in doubt, go monochrome

There is something to be said about the sartorial power of dressing in one color or shades of one color head-to-toe. Not only does it make petite women look taller, but it also helps you accentuate your curves. Whether you go for a classic all-black look or opt for a more daring hue such as red or orange, a monochrome outfit will never fail.

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